Kelffri Grappels

Kelffri Grappels

Grapples of Kellfri are designed and developed in Sweden. They open and close hydraulic and turn 360 degrees. These log grapples are perfect for moving logs. Kellfri offers three sizes: the KG08 with an opening width of 70 cm, KG18 with an opening width of 100 cm en the KG21 with an opening width of 125 cm. They are suitable for mini excavators, forklift trucks and tractors from 1000 kg of their own weight. Consequently, several connections are possible, for example a rotator with a pin connection, quick connections to several cranes or a jip for a forklift truck or tractor. Please request for the sharp prices.

Technical specifications:

KG08 KG18 KG21
Double-acting cylinders 40/20-200 40/25-200 70/40-300
Rotator connection 4 cm 5 cm 5 cm
Max. opening width 70 cm 100 cm 125 cm
Grab content 0.18 m²0,08 m²


0.,18 m²


0.21 m²


Weight 27 kg 51 kg 75 kg